Mindfulness for Teenagers and Young Adults

We offer a range of Mindfulness Courses and Workshops which aim to improve the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of young people through offering the benefits of mindfulness and meditation programmes and activities.

The research of pre and post course evaluations conducted in an educational setting to measure wellbeing scores have shown positive outcomes, with a significant reduction in low wellbeing and significant increases in overall medium and high wellbeing scores.


  • MBLC-YA - Mindfulness Based Living Course for Young Adults consists of eight sessions, delivered once a week in a local setting or on site with each session lasting one hour in duration. The course introduces the concepts of mindfulness and self-compassion to develop these qualities in students to help with anxiety, stress, depression, increase concentration and exam performance, improve sleep, deal with difficult emotions and relationships and improve overall health and wellbeing. 


  • MBLC-YA EDUCATIONAL SETTING - We deliver this course in educational environments and run local community courses for young people referred by CAMHS and local services. We also accept referrals from third sector organisations, parents and young adults. The course is taught through classroom-based mindfulness practices and activities designed especially for this age group. The course sits well within PSE classes in High Schools as well as College, University and Third Sector Youth Groups settings.


  • MBLC-YA - Introduction 1.5 hour Workshop Session for young people's groups.

  • Stressbuster Workshop - This Health and Wellbeing Workshop session helps students understand how the mind and brain works and to recognise the symptoms of stress and anxiety to learn new ways to cope and regulate emotions.


What Young People Say After The Course

"It's been a massive change in my life from the first session my mind setting started to change. I was at the edge of collapsing when I signed up for the course. Now I am able to manage all the thoughts and to stay present for most of the time."

"Given me a much better process of dealing through tough times. Yes its been beneficial, my mood has been increased for the better due to the techniques learned during these 8 weeks."

"I feel more calm and have confidence in myself that I will be able to handle certain situations a lot better, knowing that I will be able to cope and that I don’t have to get sucked in to every stress that comes my way."

"I now face challenges with a steady mindset.

Whenever I feel myself struggling I think back to a practice from this class. It always helps me feel a bit more grounded and grateful."

"I think it has made me more kind and thoughtful towards others. I also am much more present in the moment and realise when things are out of my control/not to worry about them. I am able to stay more calm. It has helped me relax in college work/life and competing in my sport."

"At the start I had great difficulty focussing on my course work. Personal difficulties had spread into my ability to manage my work schedule. But this course has helped by giving me a 'mental toolbox' and helping me to cope much better. I was on the verge of dropping out of my course. But now I'm much more focussed and optimistic.."

"Since I joined the 8 weeks course I felt a great benefit of increased concentration, focus, my grades developed, less anxiety. Since I participated in the course I became more patient, my anxiety decreased and eased. I am able to think more clearly. My learning skills are better and I can focus well."

"This course has helped my anxiety out a lot. Having different techniques to go to when I’m having a panic attack or have bad anxiety has helped me so much. In the evening its very relaxing to do before bed and I’ve found I’ve been sleeping better since the course began. I have learned about mindfulness in general. Having never done it before in my life it has helped me a great deal. I am very grateful to have done the course."

"Kindness practice - made me realise I am worthwhile and should live in the present moment. Stopped me 'a little' from living in my thoughts so much, as they are only my thoughts. Studying - helped me take a moment when my mind drifts - I can practice and bring my concentration back to the subject of studying."

"The course has really benefitted me. I feel as though I have more control of my feelings and the way I react to stressful situations. Although I still become stressed or anxious they do not degrade my quality of life as much as normal. I also feel more empathetic towards other people and myself."

"I rate the course 10/10, it's excellent. I enjoyed all the resources available in the course and the audio recordings."

"3 minute breathing space has been the most beneficial to me. If I’m having a panic attack or bad anxiety I find that doing this calms me done, helps me refocus. I know I can leave class and do this exercise which helps. I also enjoy the body scan. But all the different mindfulness practices are great and I do them all regularly."

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