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Vickers PVB Series Piston Pump Spares

PVB Series Piston Pump Spares

The PV series piston pump is a compact, Vickers PVB Series Piston Pump high efficiency, high pressure pump for rotary lobe and gerotor types. The pump is constructed using forged steel gears, an aluminum body with cast iron end plates and shafts. It has an integral check valve and is available in both vertical and horizontal mounting configurations.

The PV series piston pump is suitable for applications where high pressure, high flow requirements demand a small package size. The PV series piston pumps are ideal for use in hydraulic systems where power to weight ratio is important or where space requirements are critical.

Vickers Piston Pump Spares

Vickers PVB series piston pump is a kind of high pressure positive displacement pumps, which are used in various industries such as food, chemical, oil, petroleum and other fields. The main performance indicators of PVB series piston pump include reliability, energy saving, easy installation and maintenance.

PVB series piston pump features:

1. Reliable: PVB series piston pump has double-seal design to ensure the sealing performance. It also has double-discharge ports for eliminating liquid leakage caused by the seal failure. And the mechanical seal of PVB series piston pump can be changed for different liquids without changing any other parts.

2. Energy saving: PVB series piston pumps can reduce energy consumption by 20% or even more than that compared with single-stage centrifugal pumps because of its low head pressure and high efficiency.

The pumps are of high quality

The PVB series piston pumps are designed to provide high performance and long service life in a variety of applications. The PVB series is available in several sizes and configurations, including:

The PVB series of diaphragm pumps can be supplied in submersible or dry-well configurations, with single-stage or multi-stage operation. The versatile design of the PVB pump allows it to be used for many applications, such as:

The PVB series is available in vertical and horizontal shaft configurations. These pumps are suitable for use with hot and cold water. The PVB diaphragm pump has been designed for use with liquids that are noncorrosive, nonflammable and nonconductive (NACE). Pumps contain an integral check valve to prevent backflow through the suction side of the pump while still allowing flow through the discharge side.



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