Guest Post - What Stress?

August 15, 2018

What Stress?


I pride myself on being laid back.  When everyone around me is losing it over the latest family/work/school crisis, I am the person who can take a step back and look at things rationally.  I am the voice of common sense in a busy, noisy group.  I’m not big on complaining, preferring to keep things to myself until a situation is resolved. I actively avoid frantic or negative people because their bad vibes are an irritation that I just don’t need.  Life however, is unavoidable.  I like to be busy and having been a mum since the age of 21, I’ve had responsibilities now for as long as I can remember.


Imagine my surprise then when last year I started having symptoms that something was not quite right.  I found myself short of breath.  Not due to exercise or extreme temperatures but just by going about my day.  I wasn’t gasping for breath and it wouldn’t happen every day.  The only way to describe it was like a sudden weight on my chest and a hunger to draw more air into my lungs.  The only cause I could think of was an impending chest infection.  I told a friend about this and she informed me that it was more than likely I had anxiety.


Seriously? That’s not me.  I don’t do anxious, depressed or feeling sorry for myself.  I immediately started to look for the culprit.  What was so stressful to me that made me feel like I literally couldn’t breathe?  I made a list:


·         A member of my family had some health problems

·         I was studying for an online qualification for my job

·         I had started a second part time business

·         My older son was struggling to keep a job

·         My younger son had just started school and had homework every night

·         I was struggling with my weight

·         I wanted a baby but wasn’t sure due to lack of childcare/finances

·         We were unable to extend our house as originally planned


At first glance, there was nothing there that would normally affect me.  Then I had a lightbulb moment.  It wasn’t one of those things – it was all of them.  I realised that I was dealing with more issues at once than I ever had.  The collective stress of day to day ‘stuff’ had begun to overwhelm me.


I dealt with this the only way I knew how.  I picked out the things that I could deal with practically and made some changes.  I made healthy changes to my diet and went for a walk every day with my dog.  I made a commitment to complete my online qualification as soon as I could.  This alone was no easy task but as soon as it was done I felt a huge sense of relief.  I painted a couple of rooms and moved some furniture around which gave me a new love for my home.  For everything else I put my faith in the universe that everything would turn out for the best.  There was no point worrying needlessly over things I had no direct control over.


These changes had a positive impact on my life.  I had been lucky.  I firmly believe that if I hadn’t caught this in time, my mental health would have deteriorated further.

I also realise that this can happen anytime to anyone.  Each person is different and everyone has a breaking point whether it happens quickly or over a period of time. 


I began to realise that self-care is more important than looking after everyone else.  I had to find something that would prevent this from happening again.  I began looking around and came across a course on Mindfulness. I've decided I'm going to diarize my journey so I can share it with others who might wonder what Mindfulness is all about just like me. 


Karen x

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