Mindfulness Course Testimonials

“I have really enjoyed the 8 week course as I'm more aware of my emotions and moods and in better control of my feelings. I feel better about myself , my state of mind and more connected with family and friends.”

— Thomas

“Glad that I took the plunge as really enjoyed and benefitted from the course.

It helped with my anxiety and my self-awareness in stressful and difficult situations.”

— Debbie

“My mood has really improved. I have learned not to explode and just take a breath and deal calmly with problems. Everyone has noticed a big difference in my behaviour and attitude to others.”

— Liz

“Great course, loved being part of the group, so open and understanding and felt really supported throughout the course. I'm less restless and pacing around and allowing myself to relax.”

“The biggest improvement I have noticed is less ruminating and anxiety. I'm more aware of the present moment which has helped to quieten my mind and improved my ability to focus. I will use this forever now.”

— Shuna

— Alice

“This course has had a very significant impact on how I conduct my daily life, in a very positive way. I have a greater acceptance and understanding of myself and compassion, makes it easier to take care of others.”

“Thank you for encouraging me to slow my mind. I'm giving myself space and my family time. I'm building a deeper awareness of the world around me and a connection with the other people in it.”

— Patricia

— Maureen

“In only 8 weeks I have a totally different approach and handle even the most difficult issues with a calmness. Made to feel at ease and comfortable reflecting and sharing my experience.”

“The facilitator provided a calm and reassuring environment. My sleep has improved, I'm much calmer and less reactive and I have more compassion for others.”

— Gerry

— Sarah

“This was a reminder about how powerful a group can be. Well paced, warm, safe and nurturing environment, felt supported. More aware of rumination and the critical voice, have learnt so much about myself.”

“My sleeping has improved and also I am feeling less anxious. This is definitely the beginning of my journey to a happier me. The most important thing I've gained in the last 8 weeks is hope for the future.”

— Susan

— Nicola

“I have benefitted massively from subtle changes in how I think about things and in particular pausing to choose how to respond. I still get angry and frustrated but don't lose control very often now.

— Chirstie

“I am more kinder to myself and aware of others who are living outside themselves. I'm more compassionate and able to stop which allows me to think clearer. I liked the small group, very welcoming, understanding and not pressured or judgemental.”


“Julie is a great facilitator and we were provided with a variety of excellent resources. I feel more calm and focussed, less anxious and reactive. Less tension in my shoulders and back and I'm sleeping better.”

— Anne

“This Day Retreat was just what I needed from my busy life. Thoroughly enjoyed the rest, a lovely group of people and feel energised, look forward to the next one. Loved mindful walking in the beautiful grounds.”

— Lyndsay

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