Our modern busy lifestyles can result in us spending a great deal of time living on autopilot being lost in our thoughts without being aware or noticing whats going on within us and what's going on around us.


It has been scientifically proven that living in the present moment makes us happier. When the mind wanders, particular thought patterns and habits of mind can lead to symptoms such as stress, anxiety and depression. These can lead us to over-react to situations, people, life's difficulties, challenges and triggers in unskilful ways, which may lead us to say and do things we may later regret.


Mindfulness is a life skill that can be developed through systematic training and deepened over time. It becomes a way of being with benefits that help us to cope more effectively with life's difficulties, stress and health issues which deepens our overall sense of well being. Its like coming back to our senses, feeling more connected to ourself, to the present moment and to others.  


Three core components are essential for cultivating and practising mindfulness meditation;

  1. Intention - inner decision to be mindful

  2. Attention - training the mind to be present

  3. Attitude - paying attention to the present  moment with kindness, non judgement and curiosity.


What is Mindfulness

At Cultivating Mindfulness we are committed to offering Mindfulness Meditation Courses and Training to help you wake up from automatic pilot and break free from unskilful patterns and habits of mind. We will help and support you to establish and maintain your own practice to feel more connected and live more fully in the present moment to enhance your wellbeing, happiness, resilience, productivity, creativity, health, peace and contentment.

Contact us for more information about our 8 week Mindfulness Courses, Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop, Wellbeing Day Retreats and Mindful Workplace Workshops for companies and organisations and Mindfulness for Children Courses for the educational sector and parents.

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