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The Wellbeing Centre, Muirend
The Wellbeing Centre, Muirend

Supporting community wellbeing.

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Young People's Wellbeing Programme
Young People's Wellbeing Programme

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Glasgows Spirit of Christmas Stroll December 2022
Glasgows Spirit of Christmas Stroll December 2022

Be a Secret Santa

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The Wellbeing Centre, Muirend
The Wellbeing Centre, Muirend

Supporting community wellbeing.

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Children's gift campaign supporting children living in hardship or poverty.

Providing wellbeing training for

young people and families.

Join a class and take care of

your heart, mind and body.

We Care About People & Community Wellbeing

We are committed to providing support to children, young adults and families to improve mental wellbeing

and live happier, healthier, more productive and meaningful lives. 


We are passionate about helping young people to understand themselves better and develop vital qualities and skills to 

feel empowered and confident to manage their own mental, emotional and physical health to cope more skilfully with life.


Our Wellbeing Training Programmes support young people aged 12-15 years, 16-18 years and 19-25 years who

are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, emotional dysregulation and a difficulty focussing or concentrating.


Get in touch to #makeachange for yourself or a loved one today and turn your health and life around for the better.

Young People

Providing Empowering Wellbeing Programmes for
Young People aged

12 - 25 years 

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Wellbeing Training Courses & Projects 

Mindfulness: A Focus on Adolescents
Online Four Week Course

We have co-developed this four week online course with a team of professionals from

The University of Glasgow. This course is for all professionals interested in mindfulness, including healthcare professionals, educators, parents and anyone looking to enhance their understanding of mindfulness.

You can try this four week mindfulness course for free on FutureLearn and get access for 4 weeks with an opportunity to upgrade and receive upon completion a printed and digital Certificate of Achievement. Learn More

The course was very useful and interesting for me. I liked the presentation and structure of the information, the abundance of clear examples and practical tasks.


In my opinion, the course will be useful for education specialists, parents of children and adolescents.

21 August 2021 Aleksandra

Thinking of an appropriate title for my review was easy! The word "discovery" came immediately to my mind, to summarize what the Course meant to me!!! When we discover we learn, reflect, recycle, connect, deduce and we feel that infinite doors open in front of us!!! So many resources have been offered within these four weeks, that time has passed leaving a sense of accomplishments and fulfilled interests!!! Thank you so much, Lead Educators and participants!!! I've learnt from all of you!!!

29 April 2021


The course was amazing, it was so informative and the links and resources given were second to none.These people doing these courses has a special gift and are willing to share to make it accessible to all, so a big Thank You.


This course is for everyone not just Adolescents, and i will be passing on things I've learnt and the links to my work colleagues.


There is so much more to learn but surely that's a good thing! Once again Thank You so much.

31 January 2021


  I really enjoyed this course. It is for everyone, children, young people and adults. I work in a secondary school, so this will be very useful with the reintegration of schools in March

Yes, every level was just right for me. The content was excellent with case studies strategies in how to cope what to do.

25 Feb 2021


Working with the Community