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The Wellbeing Centre


Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Cultivating Mindfulness

Meditation ~Joy ~ Movement

Educational Courses & Events

 An Empowered Life of Balanced Awareness

We are committed to offering accessible, relevant and age appropriate mindfulness and wellbeing programmes

to meet the needs of young people aged 12-15 years, 16-18 years and 19-23 years at no cost.

One of our charitable aims is for the centre to become an additional resource and support in the community.

We aim to provide vital life skills to help young people feel empowered to manage their own

mental, emotional and physical health and to feel confident, strong and resilient to cope more skilfully with life.

We are dedicated to providing accessible wellbeing activities and programmes for all who wish to take control over their own happiness, health and wellbeing. Learning how to train our mind's attention to live more in the present moment through various forms including meditation and movement, can help us to regulate our emotions, live in the moment, make new choices, feel gratitude, increase resilience, kindness, contentment and live with more compassion.

These feelings inform and guide our core teachings, practices, vision and commitment for the new Wellbeing Centre.

We are focused on helping individuals better connect to themselves and their surroundings through offering a variety of programmes, classes, workshops and activities to help achieve happier and healthier minds and bodies.

The University of Glasgow
Mindfulness: A Focus on Adolescents

Cultivating Mindfulness have co-developed this four week course with a team of professionals from The University of Glasgow.

You can try this course for free on FutureLearn and get access for 6 weeks with an opportunity to upgrade and receive upon completion a printed and digital Certificate of Achievement. Learn More

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Providing Empowering Wellbeing Programmes to
Young People aged

12-21 years 

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